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Compare all super funds and switch to the best

Our members are empowered to make decisions for their own financial future.

Employers can’t be responsible for finding the best super fund for every employee. Only an individual can know their financial situation, risk appetite and investment values. We make it easy for Roll-it Super members to compare their current super fund to every other super fund in Australia and switch to the best performing investments.

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Understand money

Translating financial gobbledygook into language for normal people

When it comes to building wealth, many of us never get started, living paycheque to paycheque and at risk of financial hardship. We’re supporting members to understand money basics - compound interest, inflation, diversification, debt, investments and super. Our financial education is easy to understand, relevant and engaging.

Manage all your money in one place

Automatically track spending habits and simplify budgeting

Our platform delivers personal finance management direct to your phone. We connect bank, credit and super accounts in one place to provide an easy to understand picture of all your money. Members can automatically track net worth, cashflow, spending habits, and simplify budgeting.

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We’re helping great employers to financially empower their employees
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Rewards you want from over 350 brands you love

Australia’s largest member rewards program

Roll-it Super provides members with Australia’s largest rewards program. With discounts on over 2,600 products from 350 brands, including everyday purchases such as groceries, petrol and fun stuff for the kids. Simply by buying the same things you already do, and save thousands of dollars each year. That’s our kind of savings plan!

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Metlife Inclusion Plus Finalist

Roll-it Super is part of a FinTech social innovation ecosystem and was recognised by Metlife as an organisation helping to advance financial wellbeing across the world.

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Future Business Council Member

Roll-it Super is a member of the FBC who represent the interests of the innovative, sustainable and resilient businesses that will define our future economy.