Become a Roll-it Super employer

Lifting the superannuation burden off employers

Superannuation is the largest investment in many people’s lives. But most employees leave the decision of where their super is invested up to employers, despite the fact there is no way for employers to know each staff member’s personal financial situation, risk tolerance and investment values.

Employee rewards program

Traditionally out of reach for all but the largest corporations, Roll-it Super makes employee rewards available to every employer, no matter what their size. This is Australia’s largest employee rewards program, with discounts on over 2,600 products from 350 brands people love. There is no up-front cost and no minimum monthly fee, only a huge range of benefits to keep your staff happy.

We’re helping great employers to financially empower their employees

Help relieve financial distress

64% of Australian households feel financially insecure and 50% have less than $1,000 in savings. It gets worse. 24% of employees regularly spend more than they earn, with 8% never able to pay off their credit card and personal loan debts.

Financially distressed employees lose a day of productivity each week due to lack of focus at work and have four additional sick days each year. The productivity cost to Australian employers exceeds $40 billion a year.

By helping improve financial wellbeing you not only show you care about your employees, you are making a practical productivity improvement.

Choose financial wellness

In the US, 85% of employers have implemented employee financial wellness programs. In Australia, only 15% of firms have programs. Stay ahead of the curve with Roll-it Super.