Shining a light on superannuation

The superannuation sector is under the spotlight, and not in a good way. The Royal Commission has exposed super funds putting commercial self-interest before member interests, while the Productivity Commission has uncovered the market failure of the default super sector.

Greater transparency is the answer

The solution to Australia’s superannuation problem is not more super funds - that is the last thing we need. It is for the superannuation sector to become more transparent and competitive, forcing existing super funds to work harder to maximise our retirement savings.

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Greater prosperity for all Australians

Roll-it Super promotes a shared and durable prosperity for all Australians.

Within three years of our platform launching, our goal is to have helped Australians increase their savings by one billion dollars. To achieve this goal, we will be helping great employers to financially empower their employees.

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We aspire to be a better company

We do not receive product commissions from super funds.

The decision to stay or leave a fund is 100% up to each member. We do not sell your private financial data, so members do not have to sacrifice privacy for functionality. Our commitment is to benefit our members and to help them find and invest in the best super fund.

"I lost over $50,000 of my own super when my employer unintentionally invested me in an under-performing default fund. I created Roll-it Super to help employers empower their employees to reclaim control of their super, and give them the tools they need to properly understand and make the most of their money."
Mark MacLeod, CEO Roll-it Super
We’re helping great employers to financially empower their employees